Message to Parents

Our franchise owners are professionals who give each child the time and individual attention needed to bring out their very best in portraits. Also, since your child is in a familiar environment surrounded by friends, the setting is much more comfortable than a studio, which can be intimidating at this age.

To make it even better, there is no sitting fee and no appointment to keep. Lil’ Angels portrait packages are reasonably priced with a number of combinations from which to choose.  There is a portrait package or program to fit every budget. In most cases, you can buy and take home the portraits the same day you view them, which is conveniently scheduled during pick-up time. We make picture-buying easy and your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Remember the Good Old Days?

They say, “Pictures are worth a 1000 words.” Many people do not think about their value until it’s too late. Remember digging through the shoe boxes full of pictures of you or your children being held by grandparents, parents, and other family members or that photo of you entering the first grade? Those pictures are the most important valuables you have ever had. Photographs document events and times that shape family life. Without them, we may never be able to replace memories of your loved ones captured by a professional photographer. At Lil’ Angels, we help you insure and document your family story for years to come.